Aims of the Foundation

BSI Architectural Foundation

According to article 3 of the articles of incorporation, the purpose of the Foundation "is solely that of public utility, more specifically the promotion of knowledge, education and research in the field of architecture.
The Foundation presents a biennial architecture award and sponsors activities and projects as part of that event, including exhibitions, publications, presentations, etc.
To help attain its purpose, the Foundation makes an annual grant to the Museo dell'Architettura, Mendrisio Foundation to help it promote architecture, communication and international dialogue on the theme of architecture".


BSI SA was founded in Lugano, Switzerland, in 1873, and is the oldest bank in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland. BSI specialises in asset management and related services for private and institutional clients, and is present in the major financial markets worldwide. The bank focuses its attention on establishing and maintaining ongoing personal relationships with clients as well as on offering global asset management services with world-class products. At the same time, the Bank’s passion, open-mindedness and composure are also reflected in the non-banking scientific and cultural activities it promotes.

Responsible patronage

The cultural commitment reflects the image of the bank, both internally and externally, shapes its identity, contributes to a greater or lesser extent to its integration in the area in which it operates, and last but not least, assists in building a network of relationships with all its stakeholders. BSI participates wholeheartedly at the cultural, social and human level both in communications and in the provision of organisational support for events, as it believes that all assets – not just financial and property assets – play a vital role in the community in which the bank operates.

Junya Ishigami (Japan) wins the fifth BSI Swiss Architectural Award.